Product Care

The more you love your home décor, the longer it will want to be loved. Tips on caring for your elite living collection items.


Be it your car, your shoes or your furniture, leather is a fabric that requires delicate cleaning. To keep your leather seating looking new, use a dampened with water and mild detersive soft cloth to wipe your seats clean.


The natural knots and grains in wood is what makes every item different and unique. To remove light dust or residue from your wood collection items, use a lightly damp cloth. Remember to follow the direction of the wood grain. If you insist on using detersives, ensure it’s a very mild soap that’s been diluted in water.


As with any natural stone, the beauty in marble is in its uniqueness. No two items contain the same precise impressions, veining, and pattern. Marble is also a porous material. Treat your marble with care and clean it only with non-abrasive cloths using delicate chemical free cleaning solutions to maintain its lustre. For deeper cleaning to remove any stains caused by water, wine, or any acidic items seeped into the natural pores of your marble surface, try adding baking soda or hydrogen peroxide to water.


Because we know concrete is heavy, the designers at elite living have formulated the perfect combination of easy to lift with durability and stability in our concrete collection pieces. The more gentle the detergent to clean your concrete furniture pieces, the longer you’ll be able to enjoy them. Using coasters for your drinks will also help to maintain surfaces. Just remember, its also a natural material so expect to see hairline cracks over time.


There’s a certain luscious richness to velvet that we want to appreciate. Brush your velvet in the direction of its movement. Avoid rubbing a cloth on your velvet to clean spills and stains. Always blot and do not apply too much pressure.  Regular care will keep the velvet looking great.


Always use a dry cloth to remove any prints and to shine your metal.


It’s always best to use a dry soft cloth to wipe any prints off. To clean any liquid or food, dilute a mild detergent with water to clean the dirty surfaces. Avoid sun and excess heat exposure to avoid discoloration.